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Oral Presentations

B. Korsman, M.E. Kimball.  Temporal and Spatial Community Structure of Ichthyoplankton Ingressing into a North Florida Estuary.  Southeastern Estuarine Research Society Meeting.  Charleston, SC. April 2013.

B. Korsman, M.E. Kimball.  Community Structure of Ichthyoplankton Ingressing into a North Florida Estuary. UF Marine Biology Symposium. January 2013.

Posters Presented

B. Korsman, M.E. Kimball.  Community Structure of Larval Fish Entering the Guana-Tolomato-Matanzas Estuary. Southeastern Estuarine Research Society Meeting.  Jacksonville, FL. October 2012.

B. Korsman, J.E. Duffy, J.P. Richardson.  Impacts of two common shrimp species on grazer community structure and epiphyte accumulation.  Benthic Ecology Meeting, Williamsburg, VA, 2005.


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